Feedback and Suggestions after first playthrough

First of all - I really love this game. It gave me the same vibes as the settlers 2 and 3, which I enjoyed so much as a kid.

I wanted to give some comments on things I noticed that felt still a bit “weird”:


  • The art style is practical and is very nice for the Wuselfactor. I do think, it tanks a bit too much on performance though. I had 35-70 fps with about 500 people (rocking a 6700XT + Ryzen 3700X + 32Gb 3200 RAM @4K).
  • Animations are good, but what breaks my immersion is incorrect walking. The pagonians tend to “slide” over the ground ever so slightly. Maybe if there is a tiny little bit of polishing time left in the end have another look at the walking animation.


  • It would be really really really nice if one good setup rules like “produce item x until amount y is in storage”. This would be so much easier than just building every now and then 10 pick axes, hammers etc.
  • For large producers like the tool smith please a priority system. Maybe like the one in settlers 3? In combination with the above mentioned production queuing system it would be really good.
  • Multiple storage slots per building. I guess I waited 20 min for finishing the demo just because I did not realize that only one type of coin can be stored per treasury and I had to build a second treasury just to store silver coins. It would be great to be able to store at least 2-3 different kind of items per storage
  • Maybe I missed it, but why are different kind of woods? Is it a layer of complexity, which will be added later? Because if it is just a superficial complexity it clutters the screen. At least I did not understand the difference other than that some buildings require specifically pine.


  • top screen UI is a bit too much. selectively adding or hiding resources isn’t helping either. Maybe a having them arranged in a side bar (maybe like Oxygen not included does it?!) can help?
  • too few tool tips. It would be great to get some little tool tips (like what does Stärkungsmahlzeit do, including the ingredients) when you hover above it. What a soldiers good for? what are guards good for? likewise for the remaining units. Maybe even adding to an internal “wiki” to provide further information.

PS: Will add further things, when I get time to play the game more.

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The different kind of woods are for different production.
1 to build buildings
2 to make tools

I like your comments for the priority system.
I will add to this:

  1. i would like to zoom out further.
  2. Let me mark individual trees so that the woodcutter can knock them down immediately in order to be able to build better.