Review after alfa and demo 35hours

Dear Envision Entertainment studio,

I want to thank You for the game Pioneers of Pagonia. I played Alfa and DEMO for 35 hours together. I would like to give You my review.

  • I like: in general everything except article 2.
    • The graphic – but I still think the colors should be a bit darker. Same as in game art works.
    • The feeling of building and the feeling of moving and working village.
    • I like cooking.
  • I don’t like:
    • I think, there is a mistake in game concept. In a game, where I will build hundreds of buildings and have thousands of pioneers, is wrong to individually set of production. What I mean:
      • Even in limited DEMO, I have 3x woodworker (6 items), 2x tool smith (9 items), 2x weaponsmith (5 items), 2x Armor smith (2 items), 1x weaving shed (4 items).
        • I VERY DISLIKE to always tell them, what to do. Simply setting to infinitely produce everything is bad decision. If I imagine to do it two time more, I simply don’t want.
        • I VERY DISLIKE to manually set production of 10 soldiers of these type and another type on several buildings in several parts of map + setting what tools needs to be made (again, in every building).
          • Also it is a mess, where one profession needs one tool and another one needs two tools and everything 3x.
          • I would REALLY LIKE TO HAVE GENERAL TOOL for every profession. It is very unpleasant to set production in 2 or three buildings. In The settlers were individual tools, but it was the only one thing, which was manually set.
        • I think, there needs to be made a big change. Main ideas is to have more buildings with max. 2 production options, which will have more usage that few pieces like Wooden Cogwheel. Not to have so many warriors, mages. I would like to have guard, cooper soldier, iron soldier. And have their improved variation caused by their another training. For example:
          • Guard – need silk shirt, wooden spear,
          • Trained guard – need guard, provision and copper mints + be trained in training grounds.
          • No manual setting of wooden spear, shirts. There should be a wooden weapon master who produce two things, like spears and bows. He would do it always.
          • Another one could be copper warrior and iron warrior.
      • I like all building where are just two production (three in woodcutter – firewood). All these products are regularly used and set based on current situation (shortage) – softwood – buildings, hardwood – production and etc in other buildings.
  • In general, I like everything, except individual setting production in buildings and buildings with 2+ production. Simply bring more buildings and cut off production of rarely need items as wooden cog wheel. I want to see clear new production chains. For example wheel maker (needs wood + cooper). Will be used for producer of karts. Karts can be used by carriers or kart + donkey will produce a donkey for carrier. I want more production chains instead of more items produced in same buildings. The games is, based on my opinion, about setting economy flow, transportation, automatic production. I like direct sorting of guards, soldiers in guard towers.

Thank You, if you have read it.

Hey, I agree. That is why I have posted this: Automatically add needed sub productions to buildings when needed
This idea should also of course cover your examples as well.
That could really bring a benefit.

Hi, this is a good idea. But I think, that with current slow speed of production, it would be quite a long time. Imagine, you build two miners, which means 6 pickaxes. I think it take at least several minutes to produce. But still, I think, this feature would be great.

I also think, that have feature : produce, till you have at least 6 items. I would say to all my tool-makers, to have always minimum 6 tools of everything. After that, stop production. This would automatically solve our problem with orders.

What do You think? I please, what do You Envisage think about this feature?

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

Hi Petr,

thank you for your feedback! You do not have to tell the Pagonians what to do, they will do everything automatically unless you stop/pause production entirely or switch off certain products. If you do not like this feature, I am afraid this game is not for you as we currently have no intention of changing the game design. I hope you can still enjoy the game. For Early Access there are a lot more features planned which will make it easier to grasp all production chains.


Hi EE_Katharina,

thanks for honest answer. I am definitelly going to buy early acces version anyway … There is still many game aspects thath I really like …

Simply, I just want to manage my production in a more pleasant way … this could be achieved by many ways … and still, I played demo of an early acces games, so many “polishing” will be made in the future.

Have a nice day,
see You in December :wink: