Thank you so much!

I suspect like many people on here grew up playing Settlers. I remember installing S1 and the 12 floppy disks it came on. Most Settlers or Die Siedler fans agree that S3 was the best, with S4 being pretty good as well. There were parts of S2 that were great as well, I remember the race to build those little catapult buildings :slight_smile:

I have purchased every eddition of Settlers, even the one for mobiles. The latest New Allies one has some very nice visuals and is fairly well thought out, but the sheer lack of basic features like being able to chat in multiplayer or even setup a multiplayer game is shockingly bad. Amoung many other issues with it.

But then I saw an advert for Pioneers of Paganio and OMG…i’m hooked. Purchased imdeaiately and this game, even though it is still early access and there are clearly things that will be improved OMG OMG OMG, this game is more like the original settlers than the original settlers!
When I started playing I was saying things like “There are 3 types of wood!!!”, the level of mico management you need for this game is EXACTLY what we want! The concept of the market stalls and taverns is simply brilliant as well, I love seeing the full market stalls. Going back to the S1 and S2 style of fighting with having soldiers based around buildings, rather than just a mass of thousands of troops like we got in S3, I think is much better as well, it makes me care about the individual soldier again.

Again thank you developers and the continued support of the community for helping make this game. I have been waiting 20 years for this!

I will provide some feedback as well, I’m sure many of these have been raised already.

  1. Rangers are to strong, you don’t really need soldiers. I would say make them strong against theives but roughly the same as guards for everything else.
  2. Soldiers are to expensive for how quickly they die, I think make them better at fighting and maybe increase the amount of iron/copper in deposits so that it isn’t such a rare resource.
  3. I don’t fully understand how the population works, it’s confusing as to what I actually get if I build a new house. I think it needs to be explained more how that works.
  4. We need larger store houses and ideally the ability to store different types of goods in them. At the moment most towns end up with loads of storage buildings in every available space, which just doesn’t look realistic.

I will also list a whole bunch of features that I assume/hope are coming in later versions and it is just because we are in early access that we don’t have them yet:

  1. Fish and fisherman
  2. Pig/sheep/cow farms
  3. Butchers
  4. Donkeys or horses to help move goods (and their farms to breed them)
  5. Carts to be attached to the donkeys/horses
  6. If we have horses then could we have cavelry?
  7. More monsters, maybe giants? or trolls?
  8. Bridges, the ability to make small bridges over lakes and parts of the coast
  9. Ships, for fishing, trade and moving people (only really needed after we get multiple islands)
  10. Multiple islands :slight_smile:

I could go on for even longer, but I would be amazed if anybody has actually read all of this now.

Please take my money for all further updates!

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Thank you for your feedback and your kind words. I am glad you enjoy the game!
We are currently in the process of discussing all the feedback our players have given us so far and we still need some more time to decide what we will work on next.

But I can already reveal, that the fisher hut and bigger storage will come in an update very soon.
Other things you have mentioned, are on our list, too. Thank you for your suggestions. :slight_smile: